Our vision

We believe in “Fast IT”. With the right methods, people and technology we are able deliver scalable digital services faster. We specialize in Amazon cloud (AWS) solutions that we enrich with our infrastructure and business components.

Our services

Digital transformation

Digital Service Factory

With our effective way of finding, building and running digital services we believe we can really make a difference for our customers. So what do we mean?


We base our “finding” method on prototyping and the fact that a business almost always knows its pain points and opportunities. We focus on the most valuable service, prototype and beta test it with customer and business experts.


Our goal is to have 60% of the needed code in place when we start to develop services. It enables fast development and improves quality because it’s well tested code.


SPLASH.IT cloud hosting platform is based on AWS services. From building, hot deploy to monitoring digital services. Either we do the operations on the delivered services or the customer can do operations with their own staff. All customer services are located in a separated and sandboxed account.

Journey into the cloud with

Cloud Computing

We help companies utilize cloud computing. Either based on our own platform or plain AWS. We can help with development, migrations and also hybrid architectures. We are certified on Amazon Web Services.

Jumpstart your business with

Technology Incubator

When a new company is starting it's crucial to get a product to the market quickly to be able to get revenue or venture capital. Often the idea needs to be tested, changed or even pivoted. When business grows the services need to scale to handle more users.

When usage increases many startups need to do a costly rewrite of their applications to cope with increased load. We have most technology already up and running, leaving more time for the product and mitigating risk of not scaling while growing.

Our technology stack

To develop fast and and with quality we use our prebuilt modules. The modules/platform is based on AWS technologies and enriched with our addons. Some advantages to use our technlogy stack:

Time to market

With both AWS and our prebuilt services we can get faster time to market.


We are always using the latest AWS security and do addons if needed.


Scale as you grow. Using AWS Cloud we easily can add more capacity when needed.


Our services can easily be monitored by our staff and yours. This enables us to continously improve service quality.

Cost effective

During times when user traffic is low, we simply scale down and shut down servers automatically, saving running costs.


When using Amazon Web Services and their compliant infrastructure it is cost effective to reach compliant level.


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